Structuring, negotiation and complete coordination of financing rounds
(growth, cash flow, business transfers, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring)

The complete structuring, negotiation and coordination of financing cycles involves the strategic planning, negotiation and coordination of all stages of the financing process, whether to finance corporate growth, manage cash flow, transfer activities, carry out mergers and acquisitions, or restructure.

Our objective is to ensure that the company obtains the necessary funds under the best possible conditions, thus guaranteeing its continued growth and development.

Financing cycles refer to the process of raising funds for a company by issuing shares, finding investors or obtaining loans. 

Hustlebloom will provide the knowhow and has the expertise to lead the structuring, negotiating and fully coordinating financing rounds. 


A business ecosystem with added value

Whether it's Canadian companies looking to stabilize their supply lines by transferring them out of Asia to North America, or Canadian or European companies or entrepreneurs looking to invest, transfer or acquire companies on both sides of the Atlantic, Hustlebloom has the knowledge and network to support them throughout the process. Our business relationships extend to Canada, Belgium, France, Poland and Romania.

Our partners: whether you need market research, tax planning or a shareholder agreement, negotiating a commercial agreement or developing an export strategy, getting in touch with our reference partners is easy, fast and without obligation.

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