Why choose to do business with us?

For decades, the majority of entrepreneurs and takeover entrepreneurs have followed the same path. From the moment they come up with an idea for a project, they go to their bank or go knocking on doors of a limited number of institutions, often not well suited to their line of business or the stage of development of their business. How their loan request is presented, the existing programs criteria, their limited knowledge of the marketplace and their weak negotiation power all contribute to a frustrating experience, while lengthening the delays and reducing profitability.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Hustlebloom offers entrepreneurs a different experience. An expert prepares their file for the pre-qualification process – they don’t have to go knocking on doors. The senior consultant then pits relevant financial institutions against one another to get the best offer, allowing, in a shorter time frame, a more profitable project to come to fruition.

The accompaniment we propose includes a follow up of the indicators promoting the financial health of the company and its long-term growth.
Once the transaction is completed, Hustlebloom continues to act as a capital partner, ensuring the needs associated with the request for a loan renewal are met, overseeing the fluctuations of the financial market and guiding its business strategy.

Our values, your assets


We devote our time and attention to our customers. We manage a customer portfolio on a human scale, with a personalized approach. We think big - one entrepreneur at a time.


Working in the interests of entrepreneurs, we approach each business with total impartiality.


As former bankers, we make it our duty to maintain regular contact with the key players in the financial industry, and a high level of market intelligence.


We create the space for entrepreneurs to see their entrepreneurial nature blossom, and take care of the finance function.

A business ecosystem with added value

Whether it's Canadian companies looking to stabilize their supply lines by transferring them out of Asia to North America, or Canadian or European companies or entrepreneurs looking to invest, transfer or acquire companies on both sides of the Atlantic, Hustlebloom has the knowledge and network to support them throughout the process. Our business relationships extend to Canada, Belgium, France, Poland and Romania.

Our partners: whether you need market research, tax planning or a shareholder agreement, negotiating a commercial agreement or developing an export strategy, getting in touch with our reference partners is easy, fast and without obligation.